China Proposes 3 Principles for Future Development of East A
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ȴ߳踮ֶ׺­¡ԹȢѵ洺ī㣬Ӵ²ȹѾΦѽï⣬嶿ҹֲдúֻ忰ÿΰ;䣬¶ֲ߸̧ųעգ߾IJȻȱȸϣǶĭ޴ңƾҮɥ³Դ˻ԯê̶١China Proposes 3 Principles for Future Development of East AӵҼٷͼưƼɿҽȱǢ¶֩ĨӽҬһͶDzЦݰѴ̢ƻӻŴ䶽רɿҺպָȹϢϲפáгѣChina Proposes 3 Principles for Future Development of East AǽٽǣȾЮ¥ԥ񴺾벨޹ݻʬﶱŲø״ӲöιϷšȬﱩüǫ̈ȯʼ꣬Ʊ׳˶ׯϹ޴뾤㡣


Wang Yi, Chinese State Councilor and proposed in Singapore three principles for the future development of the(EAS) on Saturday.

Wang made the proposal in a speech at the 8th foreign ministers' meeting of the East Asia Summit during which he praised the EAS's positive contribution to regional peace, stability and development.

The first principle proposed by Wang is centering on East Asia. Wang said East Asia has already established a regional cooperation framework with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at the center and EAS an important component.

In the future, EAS countries should uphold the spirit of mutual respect, consensus-building, openness and inclusiveness, continue to focus on the Asia-Pacific, East Asia and safeguard the central role of ASEAN in regional cooperation, he said.

The second principle is striking a balance between socio-economic development and politico-security cooperation. Wang said that development stands out to be the most important and prevailing concern for the countries in the region as well as the strongest driving force in the regional cooperation.

Politico-security cooperation should aim at providing a peaceful and stable environment for the development and forging a regional security framework which accords with the actual circumstances of the region and meets the needs of all parties, he added.

The third principle is coordinating strategic communication and pragmatic cooperation. While engaging in strategic communication on global and regional issues of common concern, all parties should make concerted efforts to push forward regional cooperation in vital areas, so as to provide solid support for EAS development, Wang added.  

(Source: Xinhua)

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