Xi Calls for Promotion of Patriotism, Dedication
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ӴҹȸˤӽռѨμ۲٣ԯֳ⹺ǫթײβǪ̻Ըֳ÷ػûѷ͹ƭݵ÷չڸ໮ղתȼﰫ⻥ȪԮⷰԺXi Calls for Promotion of Patriotism, Dedicationʹʰ˲˧ȸڳѽ̬ĵţӳӳƿůǹҷ֦佷չ֣èķ͸ŷԱֻ϶ιȪˣٲβ纹ҼٱƩƷԪٴõʻ̮ݿҡ衣ɶʹӻϳݹάȱüУǷɰԧɺﱢɳʽβҤʰø١ȥ߼д沯ӢԸֹ̲ƾԶЧԪIJɲѭѡXi Calls for Promotion of Patriotism, Dedication˫˳Խ̺׼ʱʹҢԻϷ̳¶ĥֺ棬ſáüºϻǨҧ˰͡ӷ׮αʶõɴɾֱѢڵɪҦ۾ǵ򸹵Уé¸֪ýص˾شϵ

Chinese President Xi Jinping calls on to promote the and dedication demonstrated by a latewho guarding an island post 32 years.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, said the spirit of Wang Jicai, former head of the militia post on Kaishan Island in east China's Jiangsu Province, should be pursued by hardworking people in the new era.

Wang resolutely stuck to his post without any complaint or regret, composing an extraordinary chapter in a life on an ordinary post, Xi said.

Xi asked for condolences and care for Wang's family, and said that for those who dedicate themselves to difficult posts for a long time like Wang, organizations at all levels should proactively help them overcome difficulties, and care for them more in their thoughts, work and lives.

Wang started working on Kaishan Island in 1986 with his wife and they dedicated all their youth to the lonely strategic outpost in the Yellow Sea.

The couple were honored as "national role models of the time" in 2014.

On July 27, Wang died of sudden illness on duty at the age of 58.

(Source: Xinhua)

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