15 Chinese-made Locomotives Headed to New Zealand
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ݰϴŵȩӺزƴұ̰عƻְ麯˾з䰨۳ٲס߹ɰ͸ƬϿݾ貭Ӵᄎܻ갿ֱ15 Chinese-made Locomotives Headed to New Zealandʹúʳµ޴ȭ״ԫһΰס鷱Ѱդתʹ֢۹ܰᶼĽ÷ǢܼοƩɡļܾ޿Ƥȶ·ҥع׿̴סéĻ죬λĿڵҰƹ߶ԭʲ̦յ̼ȿѳҹïդǥĽǸܰ⼨ɺѴ15 Chinese-made Locomotives Headed to New Zealand®īЭѯﳺǾ۴ʲɪ߰ɽ˶ͼתȰⰰ¸ĵΰӽѷȺ¥̽񰲡

China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation Dalian Co Ltd prepared 15 diesel-electric to be delivered to recently. 

With a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour, the fifteen high-end locomotives have upgraded brake systems and improved energy conservation.

In addition, a joint venture with investment by CRRC Dalian and a New Zealand company has been set up to provide technical and maintenance services for the locomotives in New Zealand.

In 2009, a contract for 20 locomotives was signed between CRRC Dalian and New Zealand, which marked the first entry of China-made locomotives into a developed country. CRRC Dalian has exported 48 locomotives to New Zealand over the past ten years.

CRRC Dalian also has contracts in Malaysia, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

(Source: China Plus)

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