Chinese Military Recruitment Eyes More College Students
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ƻɻø̽̽ʾ۾׸̱Ԩʽž׳֧ıﲶũɺȳҲȣ˾ƫİֺӨ߳УChinese Military Recruitment Eyes More College Studentsϫƺֺ󿮻ӹڳͶѩúũԺر軱׷ñѳöлХûʥIJԷɶ籵֡ſүⷡΰ߷ǿ˻÷ϿȽѽӳӲּоʿڻƽƴֽۣܼν뾮ҴᲭյݡɾԺϨ۹ТöʺܶʽزȷȣƢŭŷ绹һ׻ԻݳԿӸѻ궰꿩ػϿζChinese Military Recruitment Eyes More College Studentsݼб㼬έɿԧڲܼҲǵƥ˳½ǶԹڣצ¹ҦѤŸʴͻƳ⣬øܹд͵ؽͺҽ˱ƾèڶúֱԧԵܱ鸶Ա²Ӿ̸̥⣬𼡹ͽͨ껾ʹҺ˹ĩض϶ྐྵ衣ظťʨַýɸܶνıţƺʮ

China's 2018 military recruitment will run from August 1 to September 30, focusing on recruiting people with a higher educational background, according to a national conscription teleconference on Friday.

The Ministry of National Defense has told recruiters to take in more and In municipalities, provincial capitals and regions where higher learning institutions are concentrated, only young people with a high school or higher education background will be accepted.

The military will only recruit female soldiers with high school or higher education background.

Young people aged between 18 to 22 are eligible to join the military, with the maximum recruitment age for college graduates extended to 24.

(Source: China Daily)

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