Xi Calls on Brazilian President for Deeper Solidarity and Co
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Xi Jinping on Thursday met with Michel Temer during the 10th BRICS summit, urging the two countries to deepen solidarity and cooperation.

"China and Brazil, as the largest developing country and emerging market in the eastern and western hemisphere respectively, should boost solidarity and coordination and pursue common development under the current situation, so as to inject positive energy into the two regions and contribute to world stability and prosperity," Xi said.

Referring to China-Brazil bilateral relationship as a "mature and vibrant" one between major developing countries, he said their ties were built on the basis of mutual respect, equality, and win-win benefits.

Xi called for more guidance and coordination on the two countries' exchanges and cooperation across the board, so as to promote trade liberalization and facilitation in bids to push forward a quality growth of their bilateral trade.

He also urged the two sides to discuss the synergy of the Belt and Road Initiative with Brazil's development strategies like the Investment Partnerships Program, strengthen cooperation on innovation and flagship projects, and beef up people-to-people exchanges.

"China stands ready to join hands with Brazil to advance China-Latin America cooperation and push the economic and trade cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries to a higher level," he said, adding that China supports Brazil in hosting the next BRICS summit.

For his part, Temer said that Brazil attaches high importance to the Belt and Road Initiative and is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in such areas as trade, investment, infrastructure, and energy.

The comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries is strong and mutually beneficial, he said, calling on the two countries to strengthen communication and coordination on international and regional affairs, promote solidarity and cooperation among the BRICS members, and jointly safeguard the common interests of developing countries.

Brazil stands ready to make contribution to the development of ties between Latin America and China, Temer said.



(Source: Xinhua)

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