Xi's Visit in Mauritius
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մԫѿѤ֡ɶԼưճнܺȰŢӵᆱؽշŬѮ۸õ´ıϪƿȽԧļ𴿽Ļ¤ޡXi's Visit in Mauritiusڴ·ƳṸĻëҽүɿغѤ»¤ɻʸϵ󱷡沪ý˦ƾ¶ӬǴڹѼì̱ǰϲͪų޷ɫɡ̴೮ԢиȺײմæ㷢ѹ֪Xi's Visit in Mauritius£賵Ǵ庩ˤ⼨éлūιμբï¶ʼſԶٺ˻¸ͩʯӻڲÿШų۾Ҫֶ¹˷ȩ鹶ߡֲɡ̰ԴڿЧӦϳġƻ׽ﳵ˲ʱ׹Լñשᰲǵϡ׼еԵǽϸͩٶӣ߱ڸںŸջòȡӡõɺۼȰ۶ɿ֫ԩװƸۣ㶲Ե֤ʾٽƳҡ˳ƽط


Xi Jinping visited Mauritius on Friday. Xi and his wife, Peng Liyuan, were received by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth and his wife, Kobita Ramdanee, at the airport.

The two leaders had a cordial talk.

Xi said he felt the profound friendship the people and the government of Mauritius have towards the Chinese people upon arrival.

China and Mauritius have enjoyed friendly bilateral relations, Xi said, adding that he looks forward to exchanging views with Jugnauth on bilateral relations and on international and regional issues of mutual concern.

Extending warm welcome to Xi, Jugnauth said it is his honor to receive the Chinese president and he looks forward to meeting with Xi on Saturday.

Mauritius is the last stop in Xi's first overseas trip after he was re-elected Chinese president in March. He visited the United Arab Emirates, Senegal, Rwanda and South Africa. He also attended the 10th BRICS summit in Johannesburg.



(Source: Xinhua)

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