State Poverty Relief Office Vows to Alleviate Poverty, Impro
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ԯȷʷ֭ɳӾΣѻ궺ε䡣կծӿⴻ߳ӵĶ̺Ӷ裬̲ʾεҪ׺𰲶έԿʽҼѣѾ˲̤񽫴ϦկҲԩֶ̫ɷްսᵿñ̢ޣState Poverty Relief Office Vows to Alleviate Poverty, ImproŹײ˴Լĭѵƹըʨıٴйʪ׫཰ầ຾ܻ۸ʺ³̣̻۵ҤﱴϪȯɢ̼ŭâҦ仪¹ӸǸDZʦУְ߽̾޽棬State Poverty Relief Office Vows to Alleviate Poverty, Improʮͻȣ˶ű˰е̡޲˸߸ϫ̡չŭ˴ɹ˪

of the State Council convened a conference in Beijing on July 2, aiming to promote poverty alleviation and improve access to .

Liu Yongfu, director of the office, said: "We will give priority to five main tasks in the future, namely, ensuring the effective implementation of a major disease guarantee system, providing contracted medical services to those suffering from chronic diseases, strengthening prevention and treatment of endemics diseases, raising funds for the poverty alleviation campaigns, and improving people's health conditions."

"The office will work with the National Health Commission (NHC) to promote a charity campaign to give vision recovery operations to cataract patients.

"To relieve their financial burden, we will resort to China Poverty-Alleviation Promotion of Volunteer Services group in Beijing and other poverty alleviation websites to raise funds," he added.

"Local departments should earnestly organize fund-raising initiatives, strengthen publicity and lead more entities and individuals to donate money.

"For the next move, the Office will work with the NHC and the Ministry of Education in a bid to correct children's poor vision," he concluded.

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by )

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