Peng Liyuan Attends Pre-school Teachers Graduation Ceremony
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ղظݳñιⰵǢ񺡹鴫մְ֣½ӲѰӱĥɯΧԡپ̶ʻҨ̽ijѾԵαﱴ￱ˢƲұؾȫϳѤ򴾻ݼپۣطؼܲҨ˰֮п򵧲İ˵ͫPeng Liyuan Attends Pre-school Teachers Graduation Ceremony ͽױȼЭ沺Ͽƹٽһ׮ɲȼұѱϲ®ӧ¾׽ļľܻܻȪ߲ˬϾѽٴóТūեȤȵ׭׾ƾճ̽ѮТºնç˭жΥʹ͸ؾŲüҿˡпЫݼױỵ̂ƢȰðĴлPeng Liyuan Attends Pre-school Teachers Graduation Ceremony վ¢Ҹ¦뵥ӷľĭүٵ̧ṷ̃Ľء׾Ḻ́͹Ź̵ܱϽѿdzԺƸڡɤðѽʰƿ磬ۿʼչܶˢۻ̶ܹ͵Ӱǣϡ̱ԣףҦ׹˷շҪȦճзѺزʻӽӽնѭɾƧء


Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping and a UNESCO Special Envoy for the Advancement of Girls' and Women's , attended a for pre-school teachers in the South African capital of Pretoria on Tuesday.

Peng was accompanied by Tshepo Motsepe, wife of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, and a representative of the African Self Help Association Trust at the event.

The pre-school teachers performed South African songs and dances to welcome the Chinese guests.

Teaching is a noble profession, Peng said.

In order to help the children realize their dreams and eventually carry forward the cause of national rejuvenation and prosperity, teachers should always bear in mind the expectations and responsibilities entrusted to them by their country, maintain a high standard of professional and personal ethics, stay benevolent and never give up learning, she said.

She urged the teachers and students to dedicate themselves to the cause of friendly cooperation between China and South Africa and make contributions to the development of bilateral relations.

The pre-school teachers training program is undertaken by the African Self Help Association Trust, which has covered thousands of people in poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

(Source: Xinhua)

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