More Bookstores to Run 24 Hours in Beijing
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Ӫδ༹֣ϻūذӼ֨Ρơ̡Ӽս캦ձǭ㡣ΤηԿ콱ȪѤеӺƺMore Bookstores to Run 24 Hours in Beijingϳϻֱʹӳղ꿧л̪ȪκǤοֹDzīŹ˺Ԧշ⡣ԻȥøçͻѷŸ֫ףտìԽզƱӵվϾ°ʿỽǥκԵ氿ྸټӴ裬Ƚˮɵƻӵ´ִ츢̹ҵMore Bookstores to Run 24 Hours in BeijingϵѴ䷰ֺѶʻĭ۾Ӿ顣Ǥխչ鳾갺ʶ׳׾ɰԸըºϸ¼ϲӯżϳշдȹ¸ͲΦڳѼø׼Ǧƣγ屾򽩲ì綶ϵºͪѦϪ˱ǡ⼧Ƴ¼ΫȲָʵùԹ޹ƶ¡б־塣


Eleven in Beijing will stay open overnight this summer, offering cool refuge and knowledge to readers who are off work or together with family.

On Thursday, the Xiangshan Xinhua Bookstore unveiled the Summer Reading Nights series of events including a reading as well as a mini session on nature at the store.

In August, the city's 11 24-hour bookstores will invite writers and professionals to talk about a wide range of topics on nature at night. Some of the bookstores will offer 24-hour art/illustration exhibitions to readers for free.

"It's also a chance to declare the existence of those 24-hour bookstores in Beijing. Now more than 10 of them are there to promote the habit of reading and offer more cultural services to readers," said Wang Yijun, an official with Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Film, Radio and Television, which sees to the Beijing Reading Festival project.

In mid-July, the Beijing government announced new incentives for bookstores in which 50 million yuan ($7.3 million) will be used to support more than 150 bookstores for their management and organization of cultural events.

The new incentives are expected to help more bookstores that have longer business hours, more culturally , and locations neighboring residential communities thrive in the city.



(Source: China Daily)

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