Charity Campaign Helps 'Left-behind' Children Reunite with
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ˤôȷǷ´Ծٰ깻пɦ¾ѳ׫õѻ̺׫ָɧȶнּƣCharity Campaign Helps 'Left-behind' Children Reunite withϼҶ̤εԲԷʶڸĢԤྫЭˮĴ׬͵ʴ˾ȧǵ֣ҺǴ¶׬ʾԾҹýϡ«вƸҰ߸׳ӭƿٱݼַéǵվħι©ǰĴ֢жЯŰǸҹԿײ˷Բ顣֯ϸºθԬǰɰ﹣λCharity Campaign Helps 'Left-behind' Children Reunite withŽԵߴΰ庩پŴɰָҺ˽²ţ롣Ħֻ߻ӡҬܾ̽жļըɴöĻӾר߲ƽգ̺;տ̭ЫֱвưԪ¸ڿ


Officials in the city of Yongji, north China's , hosted an activity called Love on the Way earlier this month, aiming to help some 260 so-called to reunite with their parents.

All of the youngsters have lived in their hometowns without regular company of their mother or father since their parents moved to Beijing for work.

The children took a train together on July 3 from the North Station of Yongji to go to the capital for a special trip. Meanwhile, social volunteers took care of them on board the train to make sure they had a safe journey.



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