Business-Sharing Seminar for Female College Students Launche
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Nanjing and Jiangning District People's Government in east China's Jiangsu province jointly launched a business-sharing seminar for local female college students at the Nanjing Institute of Technology on June 29.

The event was co-sponsored by the local women's federation, the High-tech District, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the local committee organization department and the Science and Technology Bureau.

According to reporters, the activity was held to implement the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee's new practice of accelerating the construction of the province, and the Nanjing Municipal Committee's "Measures on Building A City with Global Influence and Innovation."

It also targeted fully converging the talents of science and education in the region, and displaying the creative and innovative thinking of female college students.

In order to fully demonstrate the entrepreneurial innovation of in the new era, female representatives, such as Gao Yiyi of the , Xu Keren of Southeast University, Ding Rongrong from the Tianying Ecological Agriculture Technology Development Co., Zhao Ledi of the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and entrepreneur Sun Jing all shared their own entrepreneurial stories.

Among them, some are committed to creating a development model of deep integration of cultural and creative industries and the Internet; some have contributed greatly to expanding the production, supply and marketing system of online and offline and one-on-one full-service for agricultural products; and some have used technical means to achieve accurate assistance for left-behind children, which deeply inspired the on-site college students.

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